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Dangers of playing rounders in P.E.

Rounders is a popular game played in P.E. lessons and just for fun everywhere. Playing rounders in P.E. or anywhere else can, however, be dangerous. Here are some of the risks.

Dangers of playing rounders in P.E.

Involving high-speed running and heavy, virtually solid balls travelling at great speeds, playing rounders in P.E. can lead to all kinds of potentially serious injuries.

Being hit by a ball could, for example, cause bruises, cuts and occasionally even concussions. Slips, trips and falls while playing rounders in P.E. can cause broken bones, dislocated joints and wrist or ankle sprains, as well as neck and head injuries of varying severity.

Treatment for rounders injuries

Some rounders-related injuries require physiotherapy to bring about a full recovery. Long NHS waiting lists can delay this recovery, so people often have no choice but to opt for private physiotherapy sessions. The cost of this can, however, be quite high. If your rounders accident was caused by someone else, you could be entitled to compensation, which could help with this cost, as well as other medical expenses.

How to claim

To make a personal injury claim, you must:

  • Seek medical attention as soon after your injury occurred as possible (your medical record will be vital evidence, as it will document your injury and any treatment and/or medication you required)
  • Gather supporting evidence

Supporting evidence may consist of:

  • Statements by witnesses to your rounders accident
  • Photographs of the scene (this is particularly helpful if you were injured by a trip on a poorly-maintained surface, for example)
  • Receipts for physiotherapy sessions, other medical expenses, travel to and from medical facilities, etc.

You will also need to establish who was responsible and subsequently liable for your accidental injury. This could, depending on the circumstances, be another player, a P.E. teacher or the person or authority responsible for the upkeep of the grounds/P.E. hall.

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