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Dangers of climbing Scafell Pike

When it comes to climbing Scafell Pike, there are numerous dangers you need to be aware of and prepare for when on your ascent and descent. On the right day, the breath-taking views and experiences will make all the effort and exertion worthwhile. However, a nasty accident will simply make the occasion memorable for all the wrong reasons.

What are the main dangers of climbing Scafell Pike?

  • The weather:  If there’s one thing you can be certain of if you’re out for a long walk, it’s that a rainstorm will never be too far away. The further and further you ascend Scafell Pike, the more dangerous the situation becomes. A slip, trip or fall accident whilst climbing Scafell Pike can have extremely serious consequences. Given the remote location, it can take a while for mountain rescue to both locate and reach you. Even then, there’s the journey back down to where proper help can be administered to consider. In the worst cases, a helicopter will be sent for. Bad weather when climbing Scafell Pike doesn’t just present physical accident and injury dangers. There’s also the effects on your body to consider. It’s essential you pack enough clothes to cope with any climate eventuality. Being left exposed to the cold and rain will, at best, probably give you a nasty cold. At worst, you may develop serious conditions like hypothermia and find yourself in trouble. Similarly, if it’s a very hot, sunny day, you need to guard against heat stroke and sunburn.
  • Getting lost: Everyone knows a story about some unprepared wannabe mountaineers setting off without preparing properly, only to get lost and need rescuing. Such instances are a drain on the emergency services, and will certainly make you unpopular with the locals. You can minimise the risk of getting lost when climbing Scafell Pike by buying and studying maps, climbing in groups and following established routes. However, even with the best preparation in the world, you may still get lost, especially if fog or other hazardous weather descends. Therefore, it’s essential that you pack enough food, water and other supplies to see you through.

Making a compensation claim

If you are injured climbing Scafell Pike because of the actions or negligence of someone else, you may be due injury compensation. Call Accident Advice Helpline today to get your claim started. You can talk to one of our expert advisors before making a decision, so dial 0800 689 5659.