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Most dangerous places to take a selfie: Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls

On every smartphone, you are almost guaranteed to find a series of selfies: pictures taken of yourself, by yourself, using the coming-of-age invention of the front-facing camera. Whether you’re meeting someone famous or holidaying in the destination of your dreams, taking a selfie is what most of us want to do. However, as tempting as it is, there are some places that you should keep your phone in your pocket and focus on your safety instead.

Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls

Even photos of Devil’s Pool are enough to make your stomach turn, but this fringe of the water pool of Victoria Falls has recently been the site of many selfies. Visitors take a dip in the Devil’s Pool, just mere inches away from the edge before the huge, sheer drop of Victoria Falls and pose excitedly for photos. Although it may be cool to show your friends back home, one slip or trip and you could end up falling straight off the edge and into a waterfall, which would be fatal. For a cool head-turning selfie, it isn’t worth the risk.

The Bash Bish Falls, Massachusetts

They may look like the perfect backdrop for a selfie, but these cliffs often crumble beneath the feet of many daredevils looking for a cliff-jumping rush, causing a fatal slip, trip or fall. If a selfie is a must, stick to the flat terrain and snap Bash Bish Falls in the background.

Mount Huashan

Along the face of Mount Huashan is a 12-inch wide path made of planks, along which many tourists year after year walk, thousands of feet in the air. Yes, the views are spectacular, and yes, many have survived it, but there are no hand rails, so a mere trip or fall would cause horrific fall injuries – that’s if the fall itself wasn’t fatal.

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