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Most dangerous machinery: Plasma cutter

A plasma cutter is a machine made to cut steel or metal. This is done using a plasma torch which cuts through an inert gas being pushed through a nozzle at high speed whilst an electrical arc is created in front of it. This means when the electric arc meets the gas some of the element turns to plasma which then cuts into the metal.

Due to the very nature of the machine and how it produces the material to cut metal means that an accident at work can easily be caused if care is not exercised.

How can an accident at work happen when using this machine?

There are several ways that you could get an accident at work injury through this machine. You could be shocked by the electrical charge or you could be receive a nasty work injury by the plasma.

At the strongest, plasma cutters can cut up to 150mm thick metal so it would have no problem cutting through skin, muscle and bone. You could also be injured by debris created from the cutting.

How to avoid an accident at work injury?

The main way to avoid a painful work injury is to make sure you use the machine properly and are completely focused when using it. If you are distracted for even a short time then this could lead to a bad accident at work injury. Other than this, make sure you are using the correct safety equipment to protect yourself including goggles to avoid any sparks or debris. If you are unsure of how to operate this machine always ask someone. It is better to be sure how to use it rather than guess and end up injuring yourself and perhaps even causing someone else a work injury.

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