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Most dangerous kitchen items: Food processor

Working in a kitchen can be extremely hazardous, and accidents at work in kitchens are comparatively common.

Food processors

One kitchen gadget often responsible for work accidents is the food processor. The risks here are injury by electrocution if the appliance is not well maintained or used too close to water or with wet hands. The rapidly spinning, extremely sharp blades are also a serious risk and unless adequately instructed in the safe use of food processors, kitchen staff could end up with serious lacerations, even amputated fingers should they attempt to move something or add ingredients with their fingers while the appliance is plugged in. Poorly maintained food processors could also cause workplace accidents through fires or explosions.

Cleaning food processors

Cleaning the blades of a food processor also exposes kitchen workers to the risk of injuries by cutting. Blades should therefore never be left unattended in sinks. This obviously also applies to knives, which are often the cause of more or less serious injuries at work in kitchens.

Kitchen owners

Owners and managers of restaurants, hotels and other establishments running kitchen operations have a duty of care towards their employees. This means they are legally required to assess potential risks to the health and safety of employees and ensure risks are minimised by keeping equipment in good working order at all times; providing adequate training and instruction in the use of equipment, safe working procedures, and so on.

Kitchen staff

Kitchen employees must protect their own health and that of others by following provided training/instructions and using equipment properly, as well as behaving in a manner that does not put others at risk. Splashing water at another worker while he or she is using a food processor, for instance, is not a bit of fun, but could lead to serious accidental injuries. Immersing knives or food processor blades in water and leaving them there for someone else to find and be injured by is also not acceptable behaviour.

Kitchen mishaps

If you were injured at work because your employer neglected his duty to protect you against workplace injuries, or because of a misdemeanour on the part of another employee, you could qualify for work injury compensation.

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