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Cycling traffic accident compensation examples

If you are a cyclist, you know how dangerous cycling on British roads can be. One of the dangers is that some motorists are careless and forget to look out for cyclists. Even if you are wearing protective clothing, the chances are that you could be severely injured if you were involved in a cycling traffic accident.

Cycling traffic accident compensation examples

Below are some cycling traffic accident compensation examples:

  • You were riding your bike and the front wheel hit a pothole, causing you to fall off your bike and sustain broken limbs or perhaps a head injury. You may think that this type of accident is not one for which you can claim compensation for, but it is one of the many cycling traffic accident compensation examples. You can claim compensation for this accident because the local authority has the responsibility to maintain roads and keep them in a good state of repair. In other words, if there is a pothole in the road, it may be construed as negligence on the part of the local authority, as it should have been repaired.
  • Another common type of cycling traffic accident compensation examples is that of a cyclist being knocked off their bike by a person who opens a car door without looking and knocks a cyclist off their bike.
  • There are also head on collisions which can totally wreck your bike as well as leaving you with injuries. You can claim compensation for virtually any accident which was not your fault, but was caused by the negligence of another person.

Personal injury compensation for cyclists

If you are thinking of pursuing a cycling traffic accident compensation claim for a personal injury, then you can claim for any loss of earnings you incur because of your injuries, as well as for the pain, suffering and distress caused by the accident and injury. Apart from these obvious claims, you can also claim for the repair or replacement of your bicycle, and for replacement protective wear, including a helmet. You might also be able to claim for medical costs, such as travel by taxi to a hospital or doctor’s surgery.

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