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Cracked rib compensation

Did you know that cracked ribs can occur without direct trauma, for example after severe bouts of coughing? A cracked rib can even occur spontaneously, if there is underlying infection or cancer. Of course, you can also suffer a cracked rib if you receive trauma to your chest region. If you have suffered a cracked rib in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to claim cracked rib compensation.

How much is usually awarded for cracked rib compensation?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. The reason for this is that compensation depends on a number of factors, including severity of the injury, the impact the injury has on your daily life and the time it takes to recover. Also bear in mind that the pain from a cracked rib can reduce air flow through your lungs – this can lead to the development of infection, which can complicate your recovery.

Your doctor will give you advice on how to manage your condition, in particular with respect to pain relief and advice on activity levels. He or she will also advise you how to look out for signs of complications like a high temperature or coughing green spit which are indicators of chest infection and may require antibiotics.

You may find that you have difficulty lying down comfortably so your sleep will be disrupted. This may make you tired and affect your ability to concentrate. You may find that this affects your ability to work and you may need to take time off for this reason.

Cracked ribs can also make movement painful, for example shifting a gear stick in your car. This can affect your ability to drive and may mean you cannot work, or you have to consider alternative transport, like a private taxi. All this costs you money.

So in considering amounts for cracked rib compensation, allowances also have to be made for loss of income and other costs as well as the pain and suffering that you endure.

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