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The cost of claiming for a working with tools injury

Do you understand the cost of claiming for a working with tools injury? Many people assume that making a compensation claim costs them money. But the cost of not making the claim that you are eligible for can be an unseen danger. Find out about the cost of your injury and about our no win no fee guarantee in this article.

The cost of your accident and working with tools injury

If you are the unfortunate victim of a tools injury at work, then you have been let down by your employer. You are likely to be able to make a claim against your employer. But have you really thought about the cost of what you are claiming for?

When you suffer an accident at work, you incur the obvious financial costs. These can include lost wages while you recover and lost opportunities for overtime that you would have taken. You can have the financial outlay of transport to medical appointments and other essential journeys, which can mount up if you would normally have driven yourself. You may need additional childcare support if your injuries mean that you can’t look after small children without help. You may need prescriptions and medical aids. You might be unable to clean the house or tend the garden. The costs can add up quickly.

But have you considered the mental and emotional cost? What about the distress of an obvious facial wound or the damaged left hand of a groom-to-be? What about the concern of loved ones while you recover in hospital? What about the impact on your teenager’s exam grades or your parents’ health? And what about your own pain and distress and your concerns for your future ability to work? It is much harder to quantify these costs in terms of money. But that is what a compensation claim attempts to do.

What is the cost of claiming for a working with tools injury with Accident Advice Helpline?

The cost of your injury is too high to not make your claim for compensation. But making a claim doesn’t need to leave you out of pocket. Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we make sure that it doesn’t cost a penny to start a claim with us. When you call us, we ask for no upfront fees. And with our no win no fee promise, if you don’t receive a compensation award there are no legal fees to pay us. Just call us on 0800 689 5659.