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Cosmetic accidents: Eyelid surgery

In the UK, cosmetic surgery is a lucrative business and the NHS estimates that it will be worth £3.6 billion by 2015. Eyelid surgery is just one form of cosmetic surgery that is on the increase in the UK.

Why is eyelid surgery needed?

Many of us suffer from bags under our eyes as a result of too many late nights but for some, bags or dark circles under their eyes are a reason to invest in eyelid surgery.

Bags under eyes are caused due to the slackening of the muscles beneath the skin, allowing fat to protrude. At night fluid settles where skin is loose therefore contributing to the appearance of bagginess. Two factors that add to this are lack of sleep and stress.

Other common reasons for eyelid surgery include loose or excess skin on either or both the upper or lower eyelids due to lack of elasticity of the skin.

What does the procedure involve?

Eyelid surgery removes the excess skin surrounding the eyelids, and results in a more alert appearance.

Incisions are made in the natural fold of the upper eyelid. This is so that scars can be hidden and excess skin and fat tissue can be removed.

In the lower eyelid, incisions are made to redistribute fat to get rid of puffiness or eye bags. Excess skin and fat can also be removed and, as with the upper eyelid, the incision aims to be placed in natural crease lines to hide the presence of a scar.

Risks involved

Side-effects with eyelid surgery, that should have been made very clear to you before the procedure, may include swelling which will go down, itchy or dry eyes, and sensitivity to certain weather conditions such as bright sunlight.

However, you may have been unlucky enough to suffer complications from eyelid surgery. Although rare, risks such as bacterial infection and bleeding, either under the skin or behind your eye, could occur.

If any of theses complications have occurred as a result of medical error during surgery then you may be entitled to medical compensation.

Likewise, if risks have not been explained properly to you before the start of the operation, then you could also receive compensation money.

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