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Construction site accidents: Eye injuries

Construction sites are often the scene of work accidents causing eye injuries. Such injuries can range from irritations and mild inflammations to temporary or permanent loss of sight, even loss of an eye altogether.

Construction site eye injuries

The most common causes of eye injuries on construction sites are flying objects. These may consist of bits of glass, metal, stone or wood; nails, staples or other bits of material being flung into eyes at often high speeds. Other causes of construction site eye injuries include:

  • Chemical splashes.
  • Sand/sawdust particles.
  • Radiation.
  • Cutting or welding sparks or slag.
  • Unsafe handling/operation of tools or equipment.
  • Objects suspended from ceilings.
  • Wires or pipes sticking out of walls.

A combination of bright sun and strong winds can also occasionally result in eye injuries to construction workers.

Accidents at work

In order to prevent construction-related eye injuries, site operators are required by law to supply workers with adequate eye protection. Depending on the job to be done, this kind of personal protection equipment may consist of safety glasses, goggles or face shields. Hazardous areas must be clearly marked and access to such areas must be restricted to authorised personnel. Workers must wear provided equipment of this type and follow safe working procedures to protect their own safety and that of fellow workers.

Industrial injury compensation

If you suffered an eye injury on a construction site because you were not provided with personal protection equipment, or because another worker did not follow safe procedures, you may be entitled to claim for work injury compensation. To claim, call helpful Accident Advice Helpline staff members on 0800 689 5659 for advice. Confidential, free and without obligation, calls to the advice line can be made 24/7.

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Claiming for compensation

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