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Construction accident

Every year in the UK, the construction industry gives rise to deaths, serious injuries and construction accident claims. The industry is aware of this and has made huge improvements in health and safety over the last decade. The equipment used in construction is continually evolving and being developed and new equipment is appearing on construction sites every year. This means that managers of construction sites must make sure that this new equipment is safe, well-maintained and used correctly. One element of this is the proper instruction, training and supervision of staff that are using it.

A good example of this is the mobile elevating work platform. As the name suggests, this is a work platform which makes working at height much safer and is designed to cut down on falls from a height and reduce construction accident claims for compensation. Some further details about this particular device are given here.

Construction accident claims – accidents caused by mobile elevating work platforms

Accident Advice Helpline is a law firm which deals with many calls from construction workers who have been injured in accidents that were not their own fault. Some accidents on construction sites now involve mobile elevating work platforms. Construction workers have been seriously injured and even killed when they have been crushed against a fixture or another obstacle when they have been accessing their work area and when they have been working at a height.

Construction accident claims – causes of mobile elevating work platform accidents

Accidents are caused by a whole range of different reasons. Some of these are summarised below:

  • An obstruction over the platform – if the path of the platform hits an obstruction as it is travelling upwards, the workers on the platform will become crushed. They obviously can’t move out of the way because they are working at a height and so this is a very dangerous situation. Workers have been seriously injured or even killed.
  • Leaning over the platform guard rails – if the operator is leaning over the rails to view the base of the platform they are not looking out for overhead obstructions and collisions could occur.
  • Trapping against the controls – in some accidents, the operator has become trapped against the controls and so is not able to control the ascent of the platform. The machinery can then become seriously out of control and the crushing injuries which often result can be maiming and even life-threatening.
  • Poor lighting – some lighting conditions make it very difficult for the operator to spot any obstruction that is above the platform and this makes a collision more likely, often with serious consequences for both him and his workmates in the immediate vicinity.
  • Pedestrians and other vehicles around the platform can cause a distraction to the operator and overhead obstacles will not be spotted. It is essential therefore that unauthorised staff are kept away from the work area and that it is hazard free.

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