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The consequences of unsafe scaffolding

You only need to walk past a building site or a house that is being painted or having a new roof fitted to see how essential scaffolding is to a variety of building jobs. Scaffolding is typically installed by experienced scaffolders who have received appropriate training in how to erect it properly. If they do not do this, the consequences of unsafe scaffolding could soon become apparent.

The vast majority of scaffolding jobs are undertaken in the proper manner, thankfully, with full attention paid to which sections of scaffolding should be erected first. The way the scaffolding poles and brackets are used will determine how safe the finished structure is. Needless to say, it will most often be sturdy and reliable for use throughout the job at hand.

What might happen if the structure turns out to be unsafe?

Falls from height can be fatal, and even those who survive very often end up with some nasty injuries – sometimes of the life-changing type. In any event, when scaffolding is unstable it is more likely to send someone over the edge, even if they are observing all the health and safety rules and regulations related to their job.

In other cases, the entire structure could come away from the building itself. If this happens, several people may be sent tumbling to the ground. It may also send them into the road if one happens to be nearby, adding further danger to the situation. And of course, passers-by may also be injured if one or more pieces of scaffolding come loose and fall, or if someone falls onto them.

Are you recovering from injuries caused in this way?

The consequences of unsafe scaffolding could be known to you now simply because you have suffered an accident of this very type. From broken bones to crush injuries and right through to head and back injuries, you may be lucky indeed if you have only suffered one or two minor injuries from an incident like this.

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