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Compensation for waltzer ride injuries

Have you ever been on a waltzer? This is perhaps one of the most familiar types of rides around today. Many fairs will have a waltzer that people can ride on, and it looks a little like a carousel ride, except that it is more active.

It is comprised of a selection of cars that spin round as the waltzer moves around the central point. The cars go up and down as well because the floor is uneven so you get the feeling of spinning out of control in all directions.

While the ride sounds quite fast and furious – which it is – waltzer ride injuries are exceptionally rare. Everyone recognises that some risk is associated with such rides, for example if the riders do not remain seated as they should do while the ride is going on. However any injuries resulting from negligence are very rare indeed.

How might waltzer ride injuries occur?

The cars on the waltzer should all be in good condition and be firmly fixed to the base of the ride. There should also be no danger of the ride going any faster than it is designed to. Regular maintenance checks should be done to ensure any problems with the ride are spotted at an early stage and can be fixed before the waltzer is used again.

Clearly it is rare for anything like this to happen, because the vast majority of owners who have such rides do everything they can to make sure they are always very safe to use. There should be no chance of anything going wrong in any respect.

Can serious injuries result from such an accident?

There have been isolated incidents where people have received serious injuries while using fairground rides or being close to them when something goes wrong.

One teenager was seriously injured while standing close to a waltzer where a piece of the machinery became detached as it was in operation and struck the teenager nearby.

Fortunately such incidents are very uncommon, but this is not enough if you are the one who has been injured. Make sure you get professional no-obligation advice from our advisers today by calling 0800 689 5659.

Accident Advice Helpline has 15 years’ experience of dealing with claims just like these, so you might be able to claim compensation with our help. Call that number today to find out more.