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Compensation for tripping up on a pavement

If pavements and walkways are not maintained, they can cause trip and fall injuries to pedestrians. We spend so much time walking on pavements that we sometimes forget it is somebody’s responsibility to make sure that they are safe. In most cases, this responsibility falls on the local council.

Potholes in pavements can be just as dangerous as they are in the roads and can easily cause someone to trip and fall, especially if they have not seen it. Over time, pavements may become loose from daily use and fall hazards can appear almost overnight. It is easy to trip on a pavement — we have all done it at some point — but if you become badly injured because of it, you will rightly be upset that it had not been better maintained.

Whether on private or public land, if there is a case of negligence to be answered it is only right that justice is done and those responsible face the consequences of failing to provide safe walkways. Virtually any part of the body can be injured as a result of tripping up on a pavement, and some very serious injuries can be suffered in such situations.

What caused your fall?

If you have been injured by tripping up on a pavement, you could be eligible to receive compensation if your accident happened in the last three years. The local council should be ensuring that pavements are safe in public areas and are not likely to cause accidents or injury. Pavements may need regular looking after to ensure that they do not fall into disrepair or may require fixing if they have become damaged and are becoming a hazard. If this maintenance has not happened and a dangerous pavement causes someone to be injured, the council may be responsible for not keeping the pavement in good condition.

Seeing justice is done

Some people suffer a fall and think no more about it — that it was just a bit of bad luck and happens all the time. However, when you think that it was someone’s responsibility to make sure that fall never happened, then you can see why people make compensation claims. Give us a call today on our 24-hour helpline on 0800 689 5659 or use our 30-second online claim calculator to see how much you could be entitled to receive. We are experts in the field and our lawyers take on cases such as these all the time.