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Compensation for slipping on a wet floor

Wet floors are a major cause of slipping accidents and if you have experienced slipping on a wet floor, you may be able to claim for compensation, although it depends on the exact situation. If you slip on a wet floor in a public place or at work, where no warning signs were displayed, the manager or owner of the building could be held liable for your injuries. It is important to ensure you gather evidence to support your claim and your first step should be to contact a personal injury lawyer.

What injuries are sustained?

Slipping on a wet floor can cause a variety of injuries ranging from minor to severe, but here are some of the most common injuries sustained from a slip, trip or fall:

  • Bruises and cuts
  • Sprains and strains
  • Broken bones
  • Damage to wrists and hands from bracing yourself
  • Head injuries including concussion
  • Injuries to back, shoulder and neck

Whether you have suffered minor injuries that have led to a few days off work to recover or more severe injuries that have affected your quality of life, you can claim for compensation if you can prove negligence. It’s your employer’s duty to keep you safe at work, so if you have slipped on a wet floor in the workplace, this could be tantamount to employer negligence.

How to claim for personal injury compensation

Many people feel nervous or worried at the idea of claiming for compensation, particularly if they are making a claim against their current employer. There’s no need to feel worried – here at Accident Advice Helpline we deal with hundreds of personal accident claims every month and our friendly, professional team of personal injury lawyers are here to reassure you and answer any questions you may have. Most personal injury claims don’t even make it to court and are usually settled long before this stage, so there’s no need to worry.

No win no fee

All our lawyers operate on a no win no fee basis, so you won’t even have to pay upfront legal fees. It’s easy to find out how much you could be eligible to claim, just head for our website and take the 30-second test™, then give our freephone helpline a call to see whether you have a viable claim for compensation. We can offer advice in confidence with no obligation to proceed with a claim, so whether you’re unsure about the whole process or just want to find out more, give us a call today; we’re open 24/7.