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Compensation for office canteen food poisoning

Many people appreciate having a canteen at work. It can make all the difference between finding the time to pack your own lunch and going out to find a sandwich during your lunch hour. Shorter queues and potentially cheaper prices makes the canteen a pretty good place to be.

You may not think the same if you suffered from office canteen food poisoning though. Food poisoning can be caused by a number of different bacteria. The symptoms you suffer from will depend on the bacteria that caused them. If other people have also fallen ill at work the outbreak of food poisoning could be linked back to the office canteen. It may even be linked to a particular food or reason for the outbreak to occur in the first place.

An uncommon occurrence

It’s good to know very few people will ever suffer from office canteen food poisoning. Those people working in the canteen should be qualified to handle food and be aware of the potential dangers of not following food safety laws. As such the risks to those who may eat in the canteen should be very small indeed.

Food poisoning can keep you off work for a period of time. It might also cause other problems if you cannot pick your kids up from school or attend to other matters because you are ill. In rare cases people can be left with intestinal problems as a result of suffering food poisoning at some stage of their lives.

What should you do next?

You should bring your food poisoning to the attention of those in charge of the canteen if you suspect that is where you contracted the bug in the first place. This is particularly important if you can prevent others from catching it in the same way you did. In some cases an investigation may be conducted to see whether there were signs of an outbreak of a particular bacteria that could have made you and other people ill.

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