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Compensation for being knocked over by a dog

Every day thousands of people take their dogs for a walk. Dogs need plenty of exercise and for the most part these walks are enjoyable for both the dog and its owner. However, there are situations where the walks may not lead to a good outcome for pedestrians. This is because some pedestrians have been knocked over by a dog and have sustained injuries because of it.

A dog does not necessarily have to be big for this to happen. For example a small dog could be boisterous enough to put someone off-balance, especially if that person is young or elderly. In any case if a dog approaches someone and jumps up – even in a friendly manner –it can lead that person to fall over and hurt themselves. This might be due to negligence on the part of the dog owner in some situations.

What kinds of injury might potentially result from this type of incident?

There are all kinds of things that could potentially result from an accident like this. The person is likely to fall backwards and this is potentially more dangerous because they could end up hitting their head on something behind them. In other cases they may be able to twist and fall, breaking their fall somewhat with their hands. In this case cuts, bruises and perhaps even broken bones might occur.

As you can see, being knocked over by a dog can potentially be a nasty experience. Aside from the actual injuries it can make people very nervous of going near other dogs, simply because of the negative experience they have had on this occasion. It is paramount that the injured person considers whether to find out about compensation for their injuries and the possible mental side-effects they may suffer as well.

Finding out about compensation

In some cases the fall may be very minor and may not incur any injuries at all, other than being a bit shaken up. This may lead you to put aside any thoughts of a compensation claim. However, it is important to recognise that in some cases it is worth considering compensation for any injuries you have suffered in such an incident.

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