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Compensation for being injured by a parking barrier

We have all seen parking barriers in use throughout the country. Often they are seen at the entrance and exit of a car park, to allow the safe and slow passage of vehicles into and out of the area. They usually rise automatically whenever a car approaches and are lowered again after the car passes by. Another type of barrier swings open and closed and is usually operated manually rather than being of an automatic type.

Being injured by a parking barrier is an event that is unlikely to occur. However it is possible that such an incident might occur if the barrier is not working properly or has not been secured. For example in the case of a barrier that is operated manually, it should be firmly secured in place whenever it is open or closed. It should not be able to swing of its own accord, perhaps for example if the wind catches it. If this should happen there is the potential of an accident occurring. Thankfully we tend to hear of very few such accidents occurring where someone is injured by a parking barrier.

What might happen if you are injured in this way?

If a barrier did not operate correctly it might damage your car or crush your windscreen if it was allowed to drop onto it from a height. This might put you in danger inside the vehicle. Most people will know not to go anywhere near a barrier when on foot, but if a manual barrier has not been secured properly and is allowed to swing towards you, it might potentially cause harm to you if it comes into contact with you as you are walking.

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