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Compensation for an ice skating injury

Going ice skating can be great fun and many people will visit an ice rink at one time or another either with their family or perhaps with friends for a special trip. You expect that the ice rink owners will have health and safety at the front of their minds when organising their business and that it will be a safe environment for you to enjoy skating in. If you find that this is not the case however, it can be more likely that an ice skating injury will occur.

The ice rink owner’s responsibility

As you need no training or skills to visit an ice rink, health and safety is vital to keep visitors safe. Ice rinks can be crowded with lots of novice skaters trying out different things and skating around the rink. Usually ice rink owners will have some regulations or guidelines for people to follow such as a one way skating system to avoid collisions. If you have an ice skating injury and you feel there was not sufficient safety protection to prevent it, you may be able to claim compensation. Accident Advice Helpline can assist you to make a claim if the owner has been negligent.

Safety in ice rinks

Although collisions may be difficult to avoid, there should be some procedures in place to help minimize the risk of them being serious. This could include limiting the number of people on the ice at any one time so it does not become overcrowded and using a one way skating system. There may also need to be some supervision by staff to ensure that people are not skating in a way that could become dangerous to others and cause lacerations from the sharp blades, or collisions which could be more serious. Along with managing people on the ice, the company also needs to ensure the equipment it hires out is safe. Ice skating boots are usually hired out and these should be checked regularly as they can be dangerous if they are broken, causing injury to the person wearing them and possibly others because of the blade involved.

If you have been injured because of a lack of health and safety in an ice rink you can get in touch with us at Accident Advice Helpline. We have 15 years’ experience in the industry and can help you to make a claim for the compensation you deserve after being injured. Call us today on our free helpline – 0800 689 5659.