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Compensation for being hurt by an unlicensed forklift driver

A forklift truck is a vehicle that is used in many different workplaces. It is generally used to pick up and move things from one place to another, perhaps sometimes retrieving them from high racking to set down on the floor, or vice versa. In every case it is necessary for a forklift driver to be properly trained and experienced in operating the forklift truck. They should be licensed and able to operate the vehicle safely at all times.

It is obvious that someone who is not licensed should not be able to operate a forklift truck. The potential consequences could be very dangerous indeed. A recent case saw a company director receive a suspended jail sentence for killing someone while they were operating a forklift with no training or license. Clearly, an unlicensed forklift driver can be very dangerous indeed, and there should never be any reason why someone would need to operate such a vehicle without the proper training or license in place. The injuries that could potentially be inflicted in this situation can be very serious or even fatal, as a result of a lack of care, training and understanding, not to mention common sense.

How bad can injuries caused by a forklift be?

Proper training is required in order to operate a forklift precisely because it takes an expert to drive and use them safely. People have been very badly injured and even killed because they were hit or injured by a forklift truck. Clearly, if someone tries to drive one without training they are contravening the health and safety laws, not to mention putting other peoples’ lives at risk. There is never any excuse for this no matter what the circumstances might be. Fortunately this is an extreme rarity because most people understand the dangers that are present.

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