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Compensation for being hit by a parking barrier

Most of us don’t give a second thought to parking barriers. They are there to manage the safe flow of traffic into and out of areas such as car parks. They can also prevent cars from using restricted areas when they are not entitled to do so. For example a workplace may have a restricted car park intended only to be used by the people who work there. No one else may use it and thus the parking barriers are in place to ensure this rule is enforced.

In every case however, the parking barriers should be in good condition and be maintained in a proper manner on a regular basis. This will help to ensure no one is in any danger of being hit by a parking barrier. This may occur when they are parking their car, driving under a raised barrier or otherwise in the vicinity. If someone is hit by a parking barrier they may incur nasty injuries. This could potentially happen if someone is standing nearby or if they are in their car when the barrier hits it. This doesn’t happen often, thankfully, due to good care being taken by owners of such barriers.

Are these barriers generally potentially dangerous?

No – it should be remembered the vast majority of such barriers are perfectly safe and are used in the proper manner. As such they are rarely involved in incidents whereby a car is damaged or a person is injured. However if they are not properly controlled, managed, maintained or otherwise used, they may present a potential risk to anyone in the nearby area. If such injuries are due to negligence by another individual, the injured party may not be at fault at all.

Could we discover if someone else is at fault for your accident?

If you are recovering from an injury that has been caused in this way, you should make sure you have a good chance to find out whether you can make a no win no fee claim. Compensation might go a long way to helping you recover. Call Accident Advice Helpline to get the answers you need today. We’re here to answer your call on 0800 689 5659 right now. With our help you may find a professional injury compensation lawyer to take on your no win no fee case so get in touch today.