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How to claim compensation for harassment in the UK

If you live and work in the UK, you are protected against harassment in the workplace by the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. Under this law, employers are seen as having a duty of care to safeguard their employees’ mental and physical well-being in the workplace from abusive behaviour. Your employer must ensure that harassment does not take place to their knowledge and that when it does, appropriate action is taken.

Compensation for harassment in the UK is in place to protect you against all serious forms of harassment, which may include:

  • Bullying and abuse
  • Threatening behaviour – including emails, letters and phone calls
  • Intimidation
  • Criminal damage
  • Defamation
  • Humiliation

Being subjected to such treatment in the workplace can be very upsetting, stressful and lonely. As a result, you may find it difficult to concentrate on your work, which may be noticed by your seniors without the underlying cause being addressed.

More about compensation for harassment in the UK

To check your eligibility for compensation for harassment at work in the UK, the best course of action is to contact a specialist solicitors firm or compensation provider to explain your situation. They will be able to advise if you have grounds to make a claim, and how to go about it.

Compensation for harassment in the UK may benefit from the following information or evidence:

  • Examples of emails, text messages or answer phone messages demonstrating harassment – the more evidence you have across multiple instances, the better.
  • Contact details of any witnesses to your harassment.
  • Details of the action you have taken (did you report it to your manager, and what process was followed, if any?)
  • Any loss of earnings as a result, including sick days due to stress, or even unfair dismissal

If you do not have this information to hand, you should still get in touch with a personal injury lawyer or compensation provider as soon as you are able to. At the Accident Advice Helpline, our friendly and professional advisors are highly trained to ensure you feel comfortable and supported at every step of the way.

We have an extensive legal team at Accident Advice Helpline, which allows us to select the best lawyers to work on your case, dependent on their specific area of expertise. Compensation for harassment in the UK is a particularly specialist area of personal injury law, and so your legal representation should have proven experience in this area to ensure you have the best possible chance of success.

To start your no win no fee compensation claim with Accident Advice Helpline today, please call our 24-hour advice line on 0800 689 5659 or alternatively get in touch by filling out our short online claim form, and await a call back from one of our friendly team members.