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Compensation for an industrial injury

All you need to know about compensation for an industrial injury

If you have been injured at work through the negligence of your employer, you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation for an industrial injury.  Your employer has a duty to keep you safe at work. If you have been injured in your workplace, your employer has failed in their duty. Many employers simply don’t take the health and safety of their employees seriously enough. Your employer won’t mean to allow you have an accident, but if it was foreseeable and preventable, you owe it to yourself and your colleagues to make sure your employer understands the consequences.

Accidents that are eligible for compensation for an industrial injury

There are so many specific types of accident that result in a claim for compensation for an industrial injury, there are to list here. But here are a few of the claims we deal with on a daily basis:

  • Compensation for an industrial injury relating to machinery – many people ask us to help them make an industrial accident claim following an accident involving machinery.  Some injuries are caused because the machinery was faulty, not fit for purpose or was poorly maintained.  Your employer has a duty to make sure that the equipment you use in your workplace is safe and fit for use.
  • Claim for falls from height – some jobs require you to work at height.  For scaffolders, builders, window cleaners, etc.
  • Industrial injuries such as hand arm vibration syndrome or white finger – hand arm vibration syndrome is a serious yet avoidable industrial injury.  This injury occurs when vibration power tools are overused, incorrectly used or are used when poorly maintained or faulty.  Hand arm vibration syndrome, also known as white finger, can be a devastating injury that prevents a sufferer from working in the future.
  • Repetitive injuries sustained at work such as repetitive strain injury and soft tissue repetition injury – with the heavy reliance on computers in recent years, compensation claims for repetitive injuries from activities such as typing are relatively common.
  • Manual handling injuries – many employees suffer painful back injuries from manual handling accidents.  Your employer has a duty to make sure you know what you should or should not be lifting.  For the items you are required to lift, your employer must make sure you understand how to lift objects safely.
  • Slips, trips and falls – slips, trips, falls and crushes happen frequently in the workplace.  Your employer is obliged to assess dangers in your workplace.  This can include trailing wires, stacked shelves, boxes and other obstacles that can cause accidents.

There are only a few of the frequent accidents that a claim for compensation for an industrial accident is made for.  To talk about your accident, give our professional advisers a call on 0800 689 5659.