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Compensation for finding glass in food

Food establishments have a duty to register their business as a food business and they also have a duty to protect the public from harm. The Food Hygiene Regulations and the Food Safety Act require food business owners to follow certain procedures in order to avoid the risk of injuring or harming consumers. They must conduct risk assessments to identify the areas where potential hazards may be. They must also find a way to control these hazards to minimise risk to the best of their ability. The regulations also outline how food should be prepared and they give temperature guidelines to ensure that meat is cooked through.

There are also guidelines for storing food and re-heating food. If restaurants or food establishments fail in any of these areas, they may be subject to an investigation if a member of the public falls ill or comes to harm. This could be because bacteria have caused a case of food poisoning or an outbreak, or it could be because a foreign object was found in food. This could be machinery parts, dirt or dust or it could be glass. If you have had a piece of glass in food and were injured, you could claim compensation for finding glass in food.

When you can make a claim

If you are thinking of claiming compensation for finding glass in food, the glass must have come from the food establishment that sold you the food. It is very likely you will suffer an injury if you find an object of this type therefore it should be relatively straightforward to prove that it did not come from another source. You can make a claim whenever there is evidence that negligence took place so, if the food establishment has failed in following the food hygiene regulations, they may have put you at more risk of injury. You may wish to get some representation for your claim.

Where you can get help

Accident Advice Helpline has a team of solicitors based around the UK who specialise in personal injury compensation claims. If you have been injured or have fallen ill due to a food business’ negligence, you could be entitled to compensation. We can offer you no-obligation advice when you call us and we also offer a no win no fee policy should you wish to pursue your claim. This ensures that you are protected financially.