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Compensation for faulty parking barrier injuries

Most of us have come into contact with parking barriers at one time or another. They can be used at the entrances and exits of various areas and premises, such as car parks and businesses. It is the responsibility of those who own the parking area or barrier to ensure the barriers are always in good order and cannot pose any risk or danger to those in the area.

Faulty parking barrier injuries are fortunately very rare indeed. However there is a potential they could occur if they are not maintained properly or are defective in any way. For example a barrier may come down seconds after it is raised to allow you to drive past it. If it comes down it may cause damage to your car and/or injuries to you as well. The same might occur with a parking barrier that swings outward from the car and is opened and closed by an individual. If this barrier is not secured and has the potential to swing into a person or car, it could also cause serious injury if someone happens to be nearby. However incidents like this are rare.

How bad might injuries of this type be?

It all depends on the nature of the accident that occurs. For example the speed at which the barrier moves and its weight can have a profound effect on determining whether any accident is minor or more serious. In the case of a barrier that is made from metal and is operated by an individual and remains open for most of the time, it could swing into someone’s path with devastating effect if it is caught by the wind. Preventing such incidents is always the responsibility of the owner of the land, or its occupier.

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