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Compensation for falling down train station stairs

Train stations are busy places throughout much of the day. This is particularly true if they are located in busy areas, especially in cities. The staff are trained to ensure the stations are safe to use at all times and do not become overcrowded in the case of busier locations. While the vast majority of individuals can move through a station without incident, there is the potential for hazards to arise that could potentially result in accidents on rare occasions. Falling down train station stairs would be one such example.

Accident Advice Helpline has come across a few cases where people have got in touch after experiencing such incidents. While we are all aware accidents do happen, and falls can potentially occur through no fault of anyone’s, this does not apply in all cases. For instance while someone might fall down stairs because the heel on one of their shoes broke, in another case someone might fall down the stairs because the station became potentially overcrowded.

How easy is it to determine whether negligence was involved?

In each case it would be necessary to consider the circumstances involved when the accident happened. For example if station staff allowed the station to become very overcrowded this could point to potential negligence with regard to their duties. In another example the stairs may be in poor condition and one of the steps may crumble as someone stepped on it. This might lead to them potentially falling down train station stairs.

The injuries people have suffered in similar situations have been quite nasty. While some people are lucky to escape with cuts and bruises, train station stairs can be quite unforgiving. Some people end up with broken bones and other more serious injuries as a result of falls like this. If negligence was to blame, a compensation claim might be more likely.

Taking care where you tread

Obviously we should all be careful where we go when using any public place such as a train station. The vast majority of stations are in excellent condition and indeed many of them undergo regular maintenance work to ensure they remain in good condition.

If you’ve been the victim of an accident like this and you think someone else did cause it to occur, contact Accident Advice Helpline now. The number to call – free of charge at all times – is 0800 689 5659. This will put you through to our no-obligation enquiry line so make sure you seek that advice today.