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Compensation for falling down stairs

There are many ways we can be injured in life, but surely falling down stairs is one of those situations that can result in a number of nasty injuries. We all take care on stairs but there are cases when someone else is negligent in their responsibility to take care of and maintain a particular flight of stairs. This holds true for stairs that are both inside buildings and outside, depending on the building concerned.

A simple slip down a couple of stairs can be dangerous and result in one or two painful injuries. However, someone who falls from the top to the bottom is likely to be badly injured. People have been killed in this kind of fall so you can see how serious poorly-maintained stairs can be if their lack of maintenance leads to an accident.

Building owners have a duty of care to ensure they adhere to all Health and Safety rules and regulations. This includes the ability to keep every aspect of their building properly maintained so it is safe to use. If they do not do this and someone were to fall down the stairs (or have any other kind of accident), a compensation claim might be in order.

What kinds of injuries can trigger a claim in this situation?

Injuries can be anything from bruises and cuts to more serious injuries such as fractures and breaks. The types of injury you can sustain all depend on how far you fall and the way you fall. For example if you trip and fall head-first you can incur some quite serious injuries, especially if you hit your head. In contrast if you fall on your bottom or lower back you can break your coccyx, which can lead to long-term problems in several ways.

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The good news is you can seek help if falling down stairs has led you to suffer from one or more injuries. Accident Advice Helpline has professional injury compensation lawyers here ready to discuss your situation with you. We can provide no-obligation advice to determine if you have evidence of negligence to support your claim. Make sure you contact us today if you had an accident within the last three years so you can get the advice you need. It could be the best call you have ever made.