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Compensation for falling down pub cellar doors

When a pub takes a delivery of alcohol it often gets stored in the cellar. There are usually cellar doors that are only opened when alcohol needs to be taken down into storage or brought back up to sell in the pub. Generally speaking the cellar doors are in the floor and open up into the storage space beneath.

Over the years some people have been seriously injured when falling down pub cellar doors. In some cases people working in the pub can be hurt, while in other cases people who are visiting as customers can be hurt. It all depends on where the doors are. However, in every case, when the doors are open there should be warning signs to ensure no one goes near the cellar doors. Falling down pub cellar doors when you do not know they are open can lead to some very nasty accidents and injuries – this is not something that anyone would want to go through. The person in charge of the pub is responsible for ensuring the doors are not opened in a situation where someone could fall down them.

How serious can these accidents be?

Some people have fallen through these open doors and not received any serious injuries. However, they are usually very fortunate and are still battered and bruised in many instances. In other cases people suffer far more serious injuries that can even be life-threatening. It is important to note that if a member of your family or your child has received serious injuries you may be able to claim compensation on their behalf. Providing a claim is made within three years of the original accident, it may meet with success.

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