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Compensation for a fall on an uneven pavement

Slips, trips and falls can occur anywhere and are a part of everyday life. In most cases they are completely accidental; modern life can be busy for the majority of people. However, a small amount of cases can be attributed to the negligence of a third party. This could be your workplace, your local authority or a local business. Slips can occur because of wet flooring or because of an unattended spillage. They may cause serious injuries to the victim, particularly if they land on solid floors or concrete. If you slip on wet flooring in a public building, this could be a case for negligence.

Trips can occur just about anywhere: outdoors, in buildings or in your local library. Trips which occur outdoors may be due to uneven concrete, damaged pavement or potholes. Many drivers frequently complain about the damage that potholes can have to their vehicles, but an uneven pavement can cause pedestrians to sustain a serious injury. If you have suffered a fall on an uneven pavement, you may also have a case for negligence and could make a compensation claim.

Claiming for a pavement fall

Pavement falls may occur because there have been no recent repairs made by your local authority. The local council may not have enough money left in their budget to make the necessary repairs to the pavement or they may just be unaware that there is a danger to the public. You should report your fall to your local authority and explain why the accident happened. If it has occurred because they failed to maintain the pavement in your area, you could be entitled to a cash payout. Contact Accident Advice Helpline if you wish to claim for a fall on an uneven pavement.

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Accident Advice Helpline is a law firm which has helped thousands of victims to make personal injury claims over the years. To contact our representatives, call us free on our 24-hour helpline. We have a team of advisers on-hand to give you the help you need to make your claim for a pavement fall. If you wish to make a claim but are worried about your current financial situation, we offer our clients a no win no fee service. contact us today on 0800 689 5659 to make your personal injury claim where there is evidence that negligence was the cause of your accident.