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Compensation for bricklaying accidents

How dangerous is bricklaying, you may wonder? For the most part this job is quite safe, especially if all the appropriate Health and Safety laws are followed to the letter. It is the job of every employer to ensure their workers are always safe. Therefore, there should be no potential danger posed by any potential hazards in or around the area where a bricklayer is working.

With that said, the construction industry has a higher incidence of accidents than many other industries. While accidents are still rare they are more common in this industry. As such it is important to remember to follow all the rules with regard to staying safe. Falling from a height is perhaps one of the more common potential hazards that can arise. Since bricklayers do work at height on some occasions, they must be sure they can do so without risk of injury.

Examples of bricklaying accidents

Bricklaying accidents may occur if the platform a bricklayer is standing on to reach a wall that is being built is not sufficient to hold their weight. The weight of the bricks and mortar must also be taken into consideration. If this is not done there is a higher chance the bricklayer will take a fall.

Falls can be particularly dangerous in any situation, but particularly on a construction site. The presence of machinery, other hazards and the chance of working at a significant height all increase the chances of a fall occurring. If negligence is present in the workplace this can also lead to an accident.

Was your accident caused by negligence?

Negligence is rare in the workplace but it does happen. If the owner of the business or the person in charge of health and safety neglects their duties in this area, there is a chance that someone could be injured. If you receive injuries at work as a bricklayer they could prevent you from working for some time to come.

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