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Compensation for bowling alley accidents

Bowling alley accidents are usually quite rare, but as you can imagine, any premises does have the potential for things to happen that could otherwise be prevented if the proper measures had been taken initially.

Health and safety applies to bowling alleys just as it does to all other premises where people can go. This means you should largely be perfectly safe while attending an alley to have a good time with friends, family or work colleagues.

Bowling alley accidents are most likely to occur in the context of a simple trip or slip. However even this kind of accident can incur a serious injury depending on how the person falls.

For example if a spillage was on the floor in front of a flight of stairs and there were no warning signs telling you it was there, you would have the potential to slip over in it and fall down the stairs. This would be far worse than a simple slip on the spot.

How safe are bowling alleys?

If everyone observes the usual safety rules in association with bowling, there should be no problem at all. However there might be problems if someone is neglectful of their duties in some way. For example the people responsible for running the bowling alley have a duty of care to live up to. This means they should ensure every element of the bowling alley is perfectly safe.

If this is not the case the odds of an accident happening could increase. Sometimes an accident might occur that could not have been foreseen. In this case there could be an injury caused to someone who is hurt because they were not doing what they should have been doing.

For example they might be running down the stairs two at a time and fall because of it. This would not be anyone else’s fault but their own. However if they were going downstairs normally and tripped on a loose stair tread, this could be negligence.

What can you do next?

If you’ve been hurt while in a bowling alley, tending to your injuries will be the first thing on your mind.

However, regardless of your injuries you should then ring Accident Advice Helpline for more information on what to do next.

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