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Compensation for a bad fall in hospital

When you go into hospital, you expect to receive the very highest standards of care and that you will be treated for your condition. The last thing you expect is to experience a fall and be forced to spend even more time in hospital.

Unfortunately, falls in hospitals do happen, and if you are an elderly patient, you’re more likely to be seriously injured after a fall than someone who is younger and fitter. You may be left with broken bones or other serious injuries that require hospital treatment.

Hospital falls can happen for a variety of reasons – they could be caused by medication, by elderly patients attempting to use the toilet without assistance, or simply because somebody is not mobile enough to walk by themselves.

If you or someone you care about has been injured, you could claim compensation for a bad fall in hospital. In some cases, elderly people may not recover from their injuries if they are seriously hurt, so if a member of your family has died, claiming compensation for a bad fall in hospital is still something you could consider.

Has someone you love suffered a bad fall?

When someone you care about suffers a fall, it’s natural to feel worried, but if the care they have received after their fall hasn’t been up to standard, or if neglect in hospital caused their fall, you could make a claim for compensation.

It’s important to move quickly as there is a three-year time limit in place for compensation claims, and a reputable personal injury lawyer will be able to tell you straight away whether they think you have a valuable claim.

making a claim for compensation could pay for any future care your relative needs and can also compensate them for their pain and suffering.