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Compensation for ankle ligament damage

Our ankles are made up of two different ligaments which can be damaged when the foot twists inward and all our body weight is placed on the ankle. This could occur after a slip, trip or fall, or when objects fall from height and strike the ankle.

Ligament damage could also occur as the result of an ankle fracture, which could again be caused by a slip or trip, or even after being crushed in heavy machinery.

Ankle ligament damage that isn’t serious usually heals on its own, but medical treatment may be needed and your mobility will be affected whilst your ankle heals.

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How are ligaments damaged?

Your ankle is made up of the deltoid ligament (on the inside of the ankle), which has two layers. This ligament is usually torn in conjunction with a fractured ankle bone. The lateral ligament (on the outside) has three separate bands, one at the front, middle and back of the ankle. A sprain usually leads to the front and middle bands being damaged. After any ankle ligament damage injury, you should apply the RICE method:

  • Rest – rest your ankle and try to avoid putting weight on it for a few days
  • Ice – use ice packs to reduce swelling and pain
  • Compression – a compression bandage can be helpful
  • Elevation – Keep your ankle elevated above the height of your body when resting, to reduce swelling

It can take up to 8 weeks for your ankle to recover from a sprain and swelling can persist for months. If you notice your ankle looks deformed, the skin is broken, or the pain worsens over a few days – or if your injury was caused by a fall from height or blunt trauma – you should seek medical attention as treatment may be needed to prevent permanent damage.

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