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Compensation for accident caused by poor road markings

Road accidents take place every day on our roads and they happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes speed is to blame, but on rare occasions potentially poor road markings can be found as the cause of an accident involving either a pedestrian and a car or two or more vehicles.

We are all used to seeing road markings of various kinds. For the most part they are very good and are put in place to show drivers where they can and cannot go, and how they should drive in a particular area. However if you find yourself confronted with potentially confusing road markings it can completely change the way you react to a situation.

When a particular marking confuses both pedestrians and drivers it tends to increase the chances something will go wrong. There should be no dispute over the meaning of a particular marking, which is why things are only changed when there is an understanding over why such a change is taking place.

As anyone who has been in an accident due to poorly-marked roads will confirm, the consequences can be devastating to get over.

How might an accident caused by poor road markings happen?

There was a recent case in Scotland where an accident had happened on an unmarked road where there was no pavement for pedestrians to use. After the accident a white line was added to provide pedestrians with a safe area.

However it was found that drivers were not aware of what the line was for, and pedestrians felt they were more in danger than before. While signs were due to be installed in the area, it does illustrate how there is a potential for danger to occur when road markings are not clear enough.

Could AAH help you understand whether a no win no fee claim might be possible?

No one ever wants to be in any kind of road accident. However if you have been in an accident and you feel it may have been caused by poor road markings, contact Accident Advice Helpline now.

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