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Most common supermarket accidents

Visiting the supermarket is a common activity and not one we usually associate with pain or injury – yet accidents in supermarkets do occur. The main incidents are slips and falls, as well as trips. The most common supermarket accidents are:

  • Obstructions/tripping hazards
  • Leaking freezers
  • Wet floors/spillages
  • Rainwater brought in with customers, particularly in doorways

For employees, such incidents would constitute work accidents, for which a work accident claim could be filed. For customers, though, it would be a public liability claim, for which compensation could be sought with Accident Advice Helpline.

Filing trips and slips injury claims

Suffering an injury at a supermarket can cause a multitude of health problems, including fractures, sprains and breaks, as well as back or hip injuries, concussion and headaches, all of which may require scans and medical treatment.

Given that shoppers do not enter supermarkets to risk their lives, injured parties are legally able to file injury claims to receive compensation to cover lost earnings or legal and medical bills. These are the most common supermarket accidents, but its not to say that there are many more which can act as a potential hazard.

The process of filing a claim is straightforward – visit Accident Advice Helpline and either call the 24/7 advice line or take the 30-second test™. Either option will require details of the incident and you will then be informed you if your case is eligible to seek compensation. There is no obligation to file a claim with Accident Advice Helpline, but doing so will greatly increase your chances of success.

Accident Advice Helpline is a law firm, and no win no fee policy, so if your case is not successful, it won’t cost you a penny.

Better yet, most claimants never have to go to court, as many defendants opt for an out of court settlement. This means the process is very easy for you, and also that your compensation can be received very quickly – although each case time does vary, and there is no way of knowing in advance how long each case will take.

In order to file the claim the incident must have occurred within three years, unless the victim was a minor at the time it happened. It’s as simple as that – if you’ve been in an accident that wasn’t your fault, have a free conversation with Accident Advice Helpline and you could have compensation before you know it.

The most common supermarket accidents are definitely something to be aware of before you set off on your trip.