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Most common snooker accidents

Common snooker accidents can cause painful injuries. If you suffer an accident which was not your fault you may be due compensation. Whilst it doesn’t have the immediately obvious dangers of sports like rugby, snooker still has the potential to cause significant sports injuries.

Most frequent snooker accidents

  • Back injuries: Snooker players spend a lot of time leaning over the table. Not only do they assume the position to take a shot, there’s also checking out angles, plotting escapes and lining up pots. Doing this for a significant length of time can cause serious damage to your back. Snooker matches tend to last for hours and hours. It’s important to maintain proper posture throughout to prevent any injuries. Thorough stretching both before and after the match will also help, as will sticking to a regular exercise regime to build, develop and maintain core strength throughout the season.
  • Slips, trips and falls: Snooker players are famed for their focus. It takes significant brain power to concentrate on the sole purpose of the match throughout, not to mention working out the score permutations as you play. This level of concentration is the main cause of one of the most common accidents – slips, trips and falls. With their eyes glued to the table, snooker players can all too easily trip over a table leg or their own feet. As well as being somewhat embarrassing, these sorts of snooker accidents can be very painful and cause bad injuries. These days, professional players are welcomed to the table like darts players. Moving down the stairs to dramatic entrance music heightens the drama, but also increases the risk of a trip or fall injury.
  • Being struck by a stray ball: Admittedly, this is more of a concern on the amateur circuit. However, players being struck by an errant ball isn’t unheard of in professional circles either. Players put an enormous amount of force and power into their shots. It only takes a slight miscue or misjudged ricochet to send the ball flying. Snooker balls are extremely hard and can cause painful bruising or worse.

Making a personal injury claim

Players and spectators at snooker tournaments have the right to expect to be kept safe in the venue. If you are injured because of negligence on behalf of the venue owners, then you may be due injury compensation. A quick no-obligation chat with your expert advisors can get you started so call Accident Advice Helpline on 0800 689 5659.