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Common road accidents caused by ‘black ice’

Black ice is a thin, almost invisible coating of clear ice on roads, pavements etc. Often also referred to simply as clear ice, it is frequently accompanied by wet areas on such surfaces, making it even more difficult to distinguish. Driving, cycling and walking on surfaces affected by black ice is extremely dangerous, because it is very easy to lose traction or footing, and skid or slip.

Black ice and road traffic accidents

Hit by unsuspecting car drivers at unsuitable speeds, black ice causes them to lose traction and start skidding. Depending on the speeds involved, this can lead to serious car accidents involving the affected vehicle careering into the path of other traffic, off the road, or into stationary vehicles.

Motorcycling accidents involving black ice

Motorcyclists are at even greater risk of injury. In addition to losing traction and skidding, bikes are prone to slide away from under the driver in a sideways fashion, causing them not only to skid, but to fall and slide into the path of oncoming vehicles. This is also a risk for cyclists.

Preventing black ice related road accidents

Many traffic accidents caused by black ice can be avoided. Weather reports typically warn of the potential risk of black ice developing, and by exercising a little extra caution, drivers can avoid getting into situations leading to a loss of control over their vehicles.

Driver injury compensation

If you were injured by a road accident, where another driver failed to exercise caution and skidded into your vehicle in the past 3 years, you may be able to claim compensation for your injury. To determine whether you are eligible to claim, consult the compensation calculator provided on the website of Accident Advice Helpline, or have a confidential, obligation-free chat with one of their advisers. You can call them via the company’s Freephone helpline any day of the week, any time of the day or night.

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