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Common restaurant accidents

Bustling with activity, restaurant kitchens are packed with potential hazards which could cause restaurant accidents. As a result, accidents at work in kitchens are, sadly, fairly common.

Restaurant accidents

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), slips and trips are still the sole most commonplace cause of major work injuries in the UK. Every year, many workplace accidents in the hospitality and catering industry are caused by trips and slips. Other common restaurant accidents are work accidents involving knives and cleavers.

Manual Handling

Arising from manual handling injuries, aches, pains and back pain, as well as upper limb injuries affecting workers’ necks, shoulders, wrists and hands, are the most commonly reported type of illness.

Contact dermatitis

Another major cause of work-induced ill health in restaurants is contact dermatitis. A work-related skin disease, this occupational disease develops as a result of damage to the skin’s barrier layer.

Common causes of restaurant accidents

The vast majority of restaurant accidents involving slipping and tripping are caused by:

  • Food or oil spillages
  • Water leaks or overflows
  • Damage to or loose flooring
  • Bags, boxes, cables and other trip hazards left on floors, paths and stairways
  • Dirty, greasy or wet flooring

Knife or cleaver-related restaurant accidents are often the result of inappropriate or careless use. Most manual handling-related conditions are caused by poor posture, repetitive or forceful activities and pulling, pushing, lifting or carrying heavy loads.

Work-related dermatitis is usually the result of excessive exposure to water, cleaning agents and even foods.

Restaurant kitchen mishaps

Like those in other industries, employers in the hospitality and catering industry have a legal obligation and duty of care to protect their employees by assessing potential health and safety risks and taking all reasonable steps to prevent ill health and injuries at work.

Employees injured at work because such risks assessments and necessary preventative or remedial actions were not undertaken have the right to claim for work injury compensation.

Exercise your right

If you think you may have a claim against your employer, you should exercise your right to claim for two good reasons:

  1. Getting the compensation you are entitled to may help to ease the financial burden your kitchen accident may have placed upon you
  2. Making your claim could help to prevent future accidents at the restaurant 

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