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Most common injuries while playing netball

Fast-paced and demanding on players’ bodies, netball is a highly popular non-contact sport. Played both indoors and outdoors, the action on netball courts occasionally leads to personal injuries.

Common injuries

The most commonly sustained netball injuries consist of:

  • Knee injuries: Repeated stress to the patella tendon due to jumping and landing can lead to jumpers’ knee or patella tendonitis. Landing followed by pivoting on fixed feet can also lead to anterior cruciate ligament damage or cartilage (meniscus) injuries.
  • Sprained ankles: Bad landings are also responsible for twisted or sprained ankles, which typically consist of excessive strain to the player’s lateral ligament complex (ligaments located on the foot’s outside).
  • Finger injuries: Typically catching injuries, fingers may be sprained, dislocated or fractured as a result of playing netball.

With the exception of finger dislocations or fractures, the majority of netball-related injuries consist of sprains and strains.

Common causes

The most common causes of netball players’ injuries include fatigue, overuse and over-exertion incorrect landings, collisions between players being struck by balls, and slips, trips and falls.

Preventing netball incidents

Accidental injuries while playing netball can often be prevented by avoiding playing on slippery courts, training regularly, warming up before a match and knowing your personal limits. There are, however, times when injuries by slipping, tripping or falling cannot be prevented both on and off the court. Poor or even aggressive conduct by other players could also result in otherwise preventable netball accidents.

Right to claim

If you sustained a netball injury through no fault of your own (like a slip, trip or fall or an incident involving another player’s misconduct, for example), there is a chance that you may qualify for personal injury compensation.

Getting advice

You can get no-obligation confidential advice on claiming compensation from our friendly advisors via our 24-hour freephone helpline. Our company, a law firm with a nationwide team of in-house no win no fee lawyers, represent members of the public in all types of personal injury claim, including claims for slip, trip and fall injuries and more.

Our lawyers

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