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The most common injuries during autumn

While we often consider winter and summer as accident-rife seasons due to extremes in weather conditions, injuries during autumn aren’t uncommon and are caused by myriad incidents.

Common injuries during autumn

While slips, trips and falls on ice is a typical winter hazard, and sunstroke and sunburn are rife during the warmer months of the year, as we make the transition from summer to winter there are some noteworthy common injuries during autumn.

Despite the ice and snow being labelled as the main culprits for slips and falls, in fact, the autumnal combination of wet leaves and low sunshine make for hazardous ground, increasing the risk of slip and fall injuries between October and December.

What’s more, fallen leaves also cause other issues for pedestrians, as they can mask uneven ground, causing us to misjudge and misstep, in turn leading to a higher number of trip and fall injuries.

Placing blame for injuries during autumn

Of course, there are times when adopting a little common sense and precaution can minimise or prevent seasonal accidents. That being said, if your public areas are poorly maintained and you believe this has contributed to your accident, it could be that liability lies out of your hands and you are eligible to claim personal injury compensation.

All owners of public areas, be it privately owned or council property, for example, are responsible to ensure your health and safety when you are using the area. Their failure to minimise your risk of injuries during autumn could mean that they have failed to meet this legal obligation and are liable for your accident.

Seeking advice

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