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Most common horse riding injuries

Horse riding can be a thrilling, exhilarating and exciting experience. Whether you are a regular, experienced rider, an occasional pony trekker or someone who only takes the reigns on occasional holidays, exploring your surroundings on horseback can create memories that last a lifetime.

However, horse riding also poses significant risks to human and animal alike. Just about every horse rider with enough years under their belt will be able to tell a story of a time they suffered one of the common horse riding injuries.

Typically, an accident whilst horse riding results in a fall. Therefore, the most common horse riding injuries tend to be impact injuries suffered with an abrupt re-introduction to the ground from a height.

The most common horse riding injuries

Dislocated shoulder – This is when the ball of the humerus – the bone in the upper arm – is forced out of its natural position in the shoulder socket. Symptoms include being unable to move the arm until the bone is relocated and, unsurprisingly, a lot of pain. Dislocated shoulders are common when horse riding as it is the shoulder that often bears the brunt of a fall. The violent impact on the ground is usually enough to cause a dislocation.

Broken arm – Similar to dislocated shoulders, broken arms and wrists are common horse riding injuries because of the direction, nature and body shape of a typical accident which results in falling off a horse. Though wrist sprains are another likely outcome, if the fall is severe enough, and the ground sufficiently hard, then broken arms can all too easily occur.

Cramps – Moving away from impact injuries, muscle cramps are another common physical issue horse riders have to both guard against and deal with.

Exercise-associated muscle cramps (EAMC) can occur for a number of reasons. Overuse, resulting in muscle fatigue, and dehydration are just two of the most common causes. Given the poses and body positions held during horse riding, it’s no surprise that cramp can flare up.

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Whether you have suffered a common horse riding injury or something altogether more unusual, the aftermath of an accident can be a troubling time, so it’s important to remember help is available.

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