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Common hazards in the steel industry

Would you be aware of the common hazards in the steel industry? Those who have no knowledge of the industry may not know where the potential dangers are. However, if you work in a role in this industry, you should be more than aware of what might potentially happen if health and safety rules are not always followed.

Steel is all around us, and is used for many different purposes. A world without steel would be a very different world indeed. It can be melted and formed into many shapes, and with high temperatures required to melt steel, some of the potential hazards are very obvious indeed.

Examples of common hazards in the steel industry

One example of a hazard that could be present is the risk of explosion. This is a major hazard and one that could potentially harm many people if an explosion was to occur. However, the hazards do not have to be major to cause possible injuries for workers in this sector.

For example, slips and trips can occur in any kind of job. However, in this industry, there is the potential for someone to slip or trip over if they are working with molten steel. The injuries caused if this should splash onto someone could be incredibly serious and life changing as well. Other examples of possible injuries might include hand-arm vibration syndrome from working with certain types of machinery. Additionally, manual handling injuries might occur (particularly without appropriate training being given ahead of time) and injuries and illnesses caused by inhaling dust or fumes.

What should you do if you have been injured while working in the steel industry?

Fortunately, common hazards in the steel industry can be identified, targeted and dealt with in a way that means the risk to those involved is minimal. However, that doesn’t mean accidents may never occur – as you might already know first-hand.

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