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Most common goalkeeper injuries

Common goalkeeper injuries are part of playing in one of the most hazardous positions on the football pitch. Some injuries may not be your own fault. This position puts players in dangerous situations, in which injuries can come apparently quickly. Goalkeepers spend 90 minutes hurling themselves at the feet of attackers, coming for crosses through crowds of players and diving all over the place. The risk of sports injuries is never far away.

What are the most common goalkeeper injuries?

  1. Head injuries. Goalkeepers are having to put themselves in positions which could result in serious head injuries. Many head injuries are caused by stray kicks instead of hitting the football. Other potential causes of head injuries to goalkeepers include collisions with the frame of the goal after diving full length to make a save, stray elbows from attackers jumping up to head the ball or a particularly hard shot hitting the head.
  2. Finger injuries. Anyone who has been a goalkeeper, or played hand-based sports like basketball, will have a story of a time their fingers were bent back. The development of technology in modern goalkeeper gloves has helped minimise the risk of this common goalkeeper injury. Avoiding finger injuries is also the reason you will see so many goalkeepers with protective and supportive tape around their fingers.
  3. Muscular strains. Pushing off to reach a shot bound for the top corner, launching the ball downfield or sprinting forward for a last-gasp goal. Goalkeepers put an awful lot of stress on their bodies over the course of a game. Thorough warm ups and stretching can help limit the likelihood of these common goalkeeping injuries occurring.
  4. Many goalkeepers suffer from joint strains in their ankles and knees. The pressure of landing back to the ground after a dive puts tremendous strain on the ligaments around these joints. This can lead to dislocations and ligaments tears. If you suffer one of the injuries as a goalkeeper it could lead to a long time out of action.

Claiming for a sports injury

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