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The most common fall-related injuries in elderly

As we get older, it’s understandable that we would become far less steady on our feet. People over the age of 65 constitute the age group that has the highest risk of accidents. Moreover, in 2009, almost half of the deaths in this age group that stemmed from an accident were due to those individuals suffering a fall. Falls can be devastating and there are several fall-related injuries in elderly people that can be significant.

Arms, shoulders, hips and legs can all quite easily be injured in circumstances like these. Around 20% of women over the age of 55 can suffer a fracture in such a fall. Additionally, there is the risk the person wouldn’t be able to get up even if they did escape injury.

How serious can these injuries be?

A lot would depend on what happens and how the person falls. Clearly, falling down a flight of stairs in the home could potentially be more devastating than a fall on a flat surface, although both are capable of inflicting multiple injuries.

The surface they fall onto could make a difference too, as could the question of whether anything is in their way. Cuts and bruises could also easily occur – again, dependent on how the person falls and whether they fall onto something or not. As you can probably tell, all kinds of situations might crop up that decide whether someone of an advanced age suffers a nasty injury or not. It’s not just in the home this can happen either.

Are you wondering whether a claim for fall-related injuries in elderly people can be made?

If so, you should know the best thing to do is to find out the answer from someone in the know. You can speak to someone like this if you call Accident Advice Helpline. It’s easy to do, and if you call from your home or office phone you can ring us free on 0800 689 5659.

Fall-related injuries in elderly people can potentially lead to premature death, and often result in an impaired level of health and fitness. Prevention is obviously better than experiencing an injury, but if you believe a third party was responsible for the fall, it’s always best to find out whether compensation could be an option.