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Most common causes of falling down stairs

There are numerous common causes of falling downstairs. Whatever causes your accident on the stairs, it can be comforting and reassuring to know you may be due injury compensation.

Accidents and falling down stairs

  • Trips and falls: Sometimes, when climbing or descending stairs, you can simply take a stumble. You can misjudge the height of the next step, the width of the platform or your own sense of balance. A trip on the stairs can happen easily and suddenly. Alternatively, you may suffer a trip on the stairs because of poor construction. An unexpected raised section, a loose tile, a dodgy handrail… the hazards are as numerous as they are dangerous.
  • Slips: A spillage on the stairs is a significant and dangerous safety hazard. It can very quickly make you lose your balance and send you tumbling. Even with extra precautions – such as banisters – in place, the unexpected nature of a slip on the stairs can cause serious injuries. Inappropriate footwear is another common cause of falling down stairs. High heels and other shoes that offer little to no grip can be very risky.
  • Losing balance: Every experienced office worker has a story to tell about seeing someone carrying something they probably shouldn’t up or down some stairs. As well as the weight of the package in question, its size and bulk can also be dangerous. If you can’t fully see where you are going, you are more likely to suffer a trip or fall on the stairs. Even if you can see perfectly well, having your hands occupied decreases your ability to react to a trip or stumble. This makes suffering a serious injury on the stairs more likely.

How can common causes of falling down stairs be eliminated?

As mentioned, safety precautions such as the provision of banisters can help minimise the likelihood of accidents on the stairs. In addition, employers should never ask their staff to do anything that risks their physical health. This includes carrying heavy items up and down stairs.

If you have suffered an accident on the stairs in the last three years, you may be wondering what to do next.

The answer is to call Accident Advice Helpline. Our expert advisors can assess whether you are entitled to make an injury claim. From there, our lawyers work on a no win no fee basis. So call 0800 689 5659.