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Most common bouncy castle accidents

Accidents involving bouncy castles happen with alarming frequency. Here are some of the most common bouncy castle accidents.

Common bouncy castle accidents

Most bouncy castle accidents are caused by children:

  • Colliding with one another
  • Falling onto the ground after bouncing off inflatables
  • Landing awkwardly after a bounce
  • Failing in attempts to perform spectacular stunts

If children have not removed their shoes, injuries may also be caused by said shoes flying of children’s feet.

Common injuries

The most common bouncy castle injuries include sprains, strains and fractures. Some children also sustain neck or head injuries.

Sometimes, more serious bouncy castle accidents involving inflatables tearing loose from their tethering. Injuries here can be serious and potentially even fatal.


To prevent bouncy castle related injuries, parents must keep their children from getting too wild or over-confident on these inflatables. Bouncy castle owners must prevent inflatable accidents by:

  • Not allowing too many children to be on a castle at a time
  • Ensuring children remove their shoes before entering inflatables
  • Tethering inflatables securely

If weather conditions are severe (i.e. strong winds, which may cause the inflatable to tear loose or heavy rain, which may cause children to be injured by slipping off an inflatable), accidental injuries should be prevented by stopping the use of inflatables.

When accidents happen

If your child was injured in a bouncy castle accident you could be entitled to personal injury compensation. A personal injury claim may be warranted if your child’s injury was caused by carelessness or negligence by the owner or another parent.

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