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The most common accidents in the UK

The most common accidents in the UK are slips, trips and falls. They tend to be most serious when suffered by elderly or disabled people. What type of accident is most likely to affect you, however, really depends on your personal circumstances and lifestyle.

We at Accident Advice Helpline are happy to provide advice about the legal aspects of any accident that was not your fault. We have helped literally thousands of people to claim compensation, because although we cannot undo the damage accidents cause, we can at least try to make living with the aftermath easier.

Slips and falls

Although some groups are more vulnerable than others, falls can be hazardous for anyone. They might easily result in twisted ankles or sprained ligaments and even if you are lucky the next person might not be, so it is well worth making a claim.

We usually deal with trips and falls that happen outdoors or in public buildings. Often, local councils are responsible, because they fail to maintain pavements and kerbs properly. A successful claim usually results in hazards being removed and can often lead to better maintenance in future.

Workplace accidents

There are six million workplace accidents in the UK each year, along with two million cases of illness caused or made worse by work; they are much more common in small businesses than large ones.

Quite often, it takes an accident to draw attention to a safety hazard, even if it is one the boss ought to have spotted before, so things usually improve after an accident has been reported.

Large companies are able to apply changes across multiple sites, so it is easier for them to protect all their workers, wherever they are located.

Claiming compensation for workplace accidents is the perfect way to send a message that change is needed. It also means that employers cannot get away with knowingly cutting corners.

Traffic accidents

Traffic accidents injure around 230,000 people in the UK every year. Of these, around 2,500 die and 26,000 are left with serious injuries. We understand that even minor road accidents can be very upsetting and can traumatise victims in a way that makes it difficult for them to continue using the roads with confidence.

Serious injuries often lead to loss of earnings and can mean expensive ongoing support is required.  We at Accident Advice Helpline are here to help, whatever the nature of your accident and are dedicated to fighting the legal battle on your behalf while you concentrate on recovering.

Other types of accidents

Along with the most common accidents in the UK, there are several others that affect significant numbers of people. One of these is medical accidents, which are becoming more common as the population ages and people spend more time in hospital. Another is sporting accidents, an unfortunate consequence of trying to keep ourselves healthier.

At Accident Advice Helpline we are able to provide expert advice on all types of accidents and have access to solicitors with a wide range of specialities. When things go wrong we will do all we can to help ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.