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Most common accident claims: Hospitality & catering

Hospitality and catering jobs can represent rewarding careers whether you are in event management or hotels. However, this industry also has its fair share of potential accident at work claims.

What types of accidents at work happen in catering and hospitality?

There are many different accidents at work injuries that occur in this industry. Many of them are caused in accident-prone areas such as food preparation areas and kitchens where work injuries are easily caused. These can be anything from a slip, trip or fall to something more serious such as a serious burn.

What causes an accident at work injury?

The main cause of the majority of accidents at work is by other members of staff. This could be directly, such as tripping over someone else standing directly behind you, or indirectly, by a member of staff leaving an oven on or not cleaning up a spillage. These accidents at work claims can be prevented by suitable training and constant monitoring to ensure all staff know what they are doing and are always aware of each other. A lot of accidents at work can also be prevented by simple cleanliness and general maintenance to the workplaces.

How to prevent an accident at work in hospitality and catering?

The main points to remember is to always clear up any mess or spillages you make or see to ensure nobody slips up causing an accident at work claim. As well as this, make sure the company repairs any faulty items as soon as possible whether it is a faulty dish washer or carpet coming away from the floor causing a trip hazard.

But if you do have an accident at work that wasn’’t your fault speak to Accident Advice Helpline. Our dedicated legal team can help make that claim for compensation as easy and stress-free as possible. Many of our clients are even able to settle their claims out of court. Find out more about how to make an accident at work claim by speaking to someone on our 24-hour helpline on 0800 689 5659 or to find out how much you could be eligible for take the simple 30-second test™.