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Most common accident claims: Hair and beauty

There’’s nothing quite like pampering yourself with a lush haircut or rejuvenating treatments at a beauty spa. Equally, nothing can put a dampener on these experiences quite like a nasty personal injury, something that can occur more easily than you might have thought.

Hair and beauty accident claims: Slips, trips and falls

Whether it’’s liquid spills from drinks or damp feet exiting the jacuzzi, trailing wires from hair straighteners or loose equipment left lying around, the potential causes of slips and falls in the salon or spa are both numerous and varied. Staff must be vigilant to avoid these types of public accidents occurring. Any spillages ought to be cleaned up as soon as possible and clearly marked until then. Walking areas should be free of stray wires and equipment.

Hair and beauty accident claims – allergic reactions

Any salon worth it’s bath salts should provide you with a card for you to fill in any allergies and other relevant conditions you may have. It is your responsibility to fill this card in honestly and theirs to read it thoroughly. If you suffer a reaction to a product having informed the company of your allergies, then you will likely have a strong claim for personal injury compensation.

Hair and beauty accident claims: Burns and scalding

The equipment and tools involved in health and beauty therapies are becoming increasingly high-tech and specialised. Whilst on the one hand, this undoubtedly increases their effectiveness, it also increases their capacity for causing personal injuries. Therefore, it is vitally important that all staff receive sufficient and up-to-date training to ensure that they are comfortable and experienced in using the equipment in a safe and proper manner.

Given the chemicals involved in treatments such as bleaching, staff training is essential to avoid personal injuries such as chemical burns and skin irritation. As a customer, you must never be afraid to tell a beautician or therapist if any treatment feels uncomfortable, let alone painful.

Like the owners of any public place, such as shops and restaurants, the management and staff at parlours and salons have a duty of care towards their customers. If these duties are not met, then you may well have a case for public accident compensation. Accident Advice Helpline can establish the validity and strength of your claim before our friendly team of experts take your case on. They work on a no win no fee basis and usually settle out of court.