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Claims Process for Personal Injury

Undergoing the claims process for personal injury can result in compensation for victims, which includes an amount for the injury itself, as well as out-of-pocket expenses, such as taxi costs, physiotherapy costs and replacement of damaged belongings.

In order to begin the process of making a claim for personal injury compensation, why not try a call to Accident Advice Helpline. On the other end of the free phone telephone line you will find our friendly and professional advisers who can talk you through your individual circumstances and advise you how to proceed. You won’t be obliged to go ahead as any advice provided is free and honestly given.

Our legal network

Claims for personal injury from a legal perspective are dealt with, when working with Accident Advice Helpline, by one of our team of nationwide law firms. These solicitors are experts in their field, and regardless of the injury which has been suffered, there will be a solicitor partnered with us, who is familiar with it and its potential repercussions.

To enable people to bring personal injury claims, a ‘no win no fee’ agreement is used which is an agreement between the solicitor and the client (the victim). This means that no money is required to bring the claim. The no win no fee agreement also deals with the situation where the case is lost – as no one wants to be landed with the other party’s legal fees.

No long and complicated forms

Another benefit to working with Accident Advice Helpline through the claims process for personal injury is that there are no long forms to fill in while sitting at home. The information required to progress your claim can be taken over the telephone, leaving you with more time to get on with your recovery or to spend with your family. Accident Advice Helpline can assist with the following:

  • slips and trips while out and about
  • injuries while in the workplace or out and about on work business
  • falls leading to broken limbs or head injuries
  • motorbike accidents
  • car and pedestrian accidents
  • medical negligence

If you have experienced any of the above, or if you know a friend, family member or colleague that has experienced them, there is a quick and easy 30-second quiz to be found on Accident Advice Helpline website.

This will help you with an initial assessment of your possible claim and from there, you can speak to us directly to get a better idea of how claims for personal injury proceed if you decide to take your claim further.

Why choose us to handle the claims process for personal injury on your behalf?

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